Human civilization is associated with birth, environment and residence. Kollegala Pandith Ramanna shastri makes introduction and assimilation between human birth and his life style. On the other hand Vastu Shastra makes the life wealthy and prosperous implements plan regarding human residence.

Astrology has main three streams. Ganit (Arithmetic), Folito (thing already happened or happening), and Sanghita (collection). Vastu Shastra is the part of this Sanghita.

According to Puran Vastu is the part of astrology. It is told that Vastu is closely related with astrology. Astrology works concerning time. Due to this human imagination in the Purushshukta of the astrology has been termed as Kalpurush. According to astronomy 12 zodiacs are the parts of Kalpurush.

Astrology works with time and the Vastu Shastra works with space, size and architecture. Influence of these two is very important in human life. Barahamihir in his book “Yogyatra” has given two beautiful instances relating to space and time. One of this is crow is killed by owl by night. Just opposite happens by day time. The owl is killed by the crow while it is day time. We can understand by these instances how much the time has strength and what the extent of difference is between day and night. Barahamihir has given instances an easy instance relating to time. It is that in the dry place a lion kills a crocodile. But it happens quite different when the lion goes to water. Then the crocodile attacks and kills the lion in the water. It may be understood that to what extent the time and place influence human life.

Basis of Vastu Shastra is based on the theory of Panchbhoutik (five components). This Panchbhoutik is the separate part of the astrology. Different group of stars in the sky are divided in to 12 zodiacs and these zodiacs are associated with Panchbhoutik.

Zodiac of south-east is the theory of Aries, Leo, Sagittarius; the world is the theory of Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn; North-west is the theory of Gemini, Libra, Aquarius and water is the theory of Cancer, Scorpion and Pisces.

All these zodiacs are related with different group of stars and there is significant importance of direction between astrology and Vastu Shastra.

Eight directions have been mentioned in “Jatak Pariyat”, the great scripture of Astrology. In this book it has been told about different directions that:

In the religious scriptures ten directions and ten principal of directions have been mentioned. In the same way it has been mentioned in the Vastu Shastra. In the astrology nine planets have been mentioned in eight directions and the Vastu Shastra has agreed it. The said ten directions, ten principals and how these are related with nine planets of astronomy each other have been shown below through picture below.

Idea may be obtained through following picture while enumeration of different directions in Horoscope.

While making horoscope the most significant thing is “Spasta Langna”, (the clear auspicious moment). Location of atmospheric planets and stars while birth is called horoscope. East side is considered as the base of “Spasta Langna”. The zodiac which is located at the east side Khitij while birth and then, the horoscope standard which is determined after enumeration of Lala-Bikala of the said zodiac is called “Spasta Langna”. Once the east is understood and when all the directions are placed on the horoscope then the horoscope is made.

According to astronomy location of different zodiacs and different directions, such as:
According to different books of astrology if these zodiacs remain to the direction as above then they achieve “Digball” (power of direction).
Accordingly the planets are designated for separate directions the master of different directions in Shanti Swastayan of Nabagraho are:

Since the different planets are located in different locations so this planets are called “Digball” according to astrology.

In astrology the center of horoscope is very much important. There are four centers. First (Pratham), Fourth (Chaturtha), Seventh (Saptam) and Tenth (Dasham). The center place in the Vastu Shastra is shown clearly in the following picture:

The administrator planet of Chaturtha is Moon and Mercury, Trityo Bhab is meant that the Jatak is heroic, courageous, happy with family, lives abroad with comfort, and have scope to go to sacred place. Mars is its administrator.

Mars is the planet related to land and the Chaturtha Sthan is land, building, car and happiness. For this happiness Chatuthesh Kendra should be Trikon and this is essential. Besides, it is most expected to be joined by auspicious look and auspicious planet.

According to Dashabichar (Planetary period calculation in astrology) it can be assumed about happiness, wealth, residence and cars of the person. According to location of the planet at the Chaturtha Sthan (4th house) how much affords the person will give can be inferred.



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